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Online Courses To Help Your Child Meet Their Milestones

Körplay offers courses designed to help parents play with purpose so that children meet their milestones.


Raising kids is SUPER HARD...& confusing...and there's way TOO MUCH information out there

Körplay has done the research and provides a simple framework to help cut through all the noise so you can raise your kids with confidence.


To Help Your Child Grow & Meet Their Milestones, You Need to Be an Informed Parent

But There's a Problem...

  • What you've tried so far isn't working

  • You're leaving growth up to chance

  • Nobody has given you a plan

  • There's information overload

  • Most training tools are boring and ineffective


Körplay helps parents navigate the overwhelming world that is “child development” by providing a success path so that kids meet their milestones and parents feel like rock stars.


Save Time

With 20 years of experience in early childhood development, I've sorted through the  information clutter so you can start playing with purpose TODAY.

Worry Less

When you are worried your child isn't on track, I give you the tools you need so you feel confident and prepared. 

Save Money

When your child meets their milestones, you are giving them a strong start for lifelong learning and cutting costs that can come from developmental delays. 

Hi! I'm Tia, 

With over 20 years' experience as a pediatric occupational therapist and a mother of four, I know what your child needs to meet their developmental milestones.

Your child is hardwired to LEARN THROUGH PLAY. Körplay will teach you how to see through a new lens, just how PLAY WITH PURPOSE helps your child THRIVE in areas of resilience, confidence, emotional intelligence, and INDEPENDENCE.


Your Plan to Help Your Child Grow

FInd A Course

Get lifetime access when you buy a course. Learn at your own pace.

Learn New Skills

Each course is packed with easy-to-follow activities, simple skills and helpful tools

Meet Milestones

Help your child reach their milestones by playing with purpose

What you need to know to help your child reach their developmental milestones today


Find a Course That's Right For You


This course is designed for those all-important first six months teaching you a framework, success path , and activities that set the course for a strong foundation.


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This course builds upon the Korplay framework and provides a success path and age-level activities for your child from months 7 through 12. 


Bundle & Save 25%

Get access to both courses for $135 (save 25%).

0-6 + 7-12 MONTHS

Take the guesswork out of your child's first year of life! Buy both courses and save 25%

BUY NOW ($135)

Free Milestone Mini-Book

Sign up for a FREE Milestone Mini-Book. It's full of expert and exclusive information that will clarify the mystery around milestones and start you on a path to playing with purpose.

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